GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE. is sage, practical advice for finding the right job, growing in it, learning to lead, and living a balanced life. Whatever the stage of your career, there’s something here for everyone. GET HIRED! was named a Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Silver Honoree and given an Axiom Bronze Book Award.

I just read your new book—GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE.—and wanted you to know I thought it was terrific. Concise, smart, real world.  Nice going!
Jack Welch, Retired CEO, General Electric

GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE. provides a good deal of helpful advice and does it in a straightforward manner.
T. Boone Pickens, CEO BP Capital

This is a terrific little book! Reading it will make you a better job candidate or executive.
Gerry Roche, Chairman Emeritus Heidrick & Struggles executive search firm

GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE. is well done. I agree with what you’ve said.
—Ed Whitacre, former CEO of AT&T and General Motors

This book is filled with beneficial thought-provoking advice, regardless of your career stage.
—Jeffrey Matthews, Business Leadership Professor

Based on his own considerable experience, Hal Eastman brings to readers important principles for success at all stages of a career. I was fortunate to count him as a mentor.
—Susan Resneck Pierce, University President Emerita and President of SRP Consulting

This book is packed full of very practical advice and strategies for success…a great book for every career level.
—Uta Kremer, Associate Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Career Management Center

GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE. is a gem. It should be required reading for high school seniors.
—William Parker, High School Principal

Read GET HIRED! over the weekend. Thanks so much. Lots of terrific life and professional lessons.
—Jerry W. Carlton, attorney

I enjoyed reading GET HIRED!, and congratulate you for touching on so many important concerns for anyone, regardless of age, who is looking for a job. After finishing my read, I introduced the book to my grandson who will be able to utilize its lessons.
Bernard L. Schwartz, Chairman and CEO, BLS Investments

Thank you for your great book. I have read it and am going to give (loan) it to my 22-year-old grandson.
—Cecil Andrus, former Governor of Idaho

This new book offers pragmatic advice coupled with wonderful insights from a top executive who has lived an eclectic, harmonious and fulfilling life. From newly minted graduates to mid-career professionals and everyday job seekers, this book transcends mere job search and delves into the art of living during challenging times. Hal Eastman masterfully describes classic approaches to career development while weaving a tapestry for those interested in much more than a job. This Boise-based writer has created a book worth sharing with anyone interested in their own career or in assisting other people chart their life journey.
—Dr. John Luthy, President, The Futures Corporation, The McAnaney Report, April 2013, Issue 19

Many thanks for the copy of your new book GET HIRED!  It is brilliantly written and makes very practical information accessible to many who need it.
—Graham Howe, Founder and CEO, Curatorial Assistance

A wonderful resource for people regardless of where they happen to be in their careers.
—Ken White, PhD, Associate Dean of MBA & MS Programs, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

I put your advice to use and landed my ideal summer job. Consider that a testimonial!
—Meghan Hughes, college junior

GET HIRED! Grow. Lead. Live. covers four career stages: getting a job, getting promoted, moving into management and becoming a leader. Eastman knows what he’s talking about. He was in business for nearly 30 years, working at Ford and Boeing, McCaw Communications and Boise Cascade. He learned in each place, so his examples ring true. In the section on getting a job, for example, he covers how to design your ideal job, target an industry and companies, make contacts, differentiate yourself, handle an interview and persist. If all that fails, Eastman tells you how to think about starting your own company. Once you get in an employer’s door, Eastman shows how to climb the ladder, become a leader, and finally how to have a good life.
—Nancy Napier, Executive Director of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation, Professor of Strategy and International Business, Boise State University
Idaho Statesman, “Three books on tactics for landing a job, building a life,”

At first glance one might think that Get Hired! Grow. Lead. Live. is a book intended to advise those seeking employment. However, I discovered that Eastman’s wise words helped guide me when interviewing potential employees for a position at a local arts nonprofit. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I did not consider myself a manager and yet, upon reading this book, I recognized myself as one. Once that realization had been established, I continued to read with a new perspective, one that combined the concept of team builder as well as team player. Eastman has lived this life and knows of what he writes because of his personal experiences. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a job and further, to anyone wishing to succeed in his or her current position. Taking the advice given in Get Hired! Grow. Lead. Live. will benefit the individual, the employer and ultimately the community.
—Tracy Morrison, Vice-president, Board of Trustees, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA

In Get Hired! Hal Eastman provides career advice without lecturing. There is something for everyone in this book, as it effectively focuses on each career stage and the transitions between them. Well-defined sections allow readers to jump directly to the advice most relevant for them. That advice is accompanied by specific stories from the author’s life, both successes and failures, providing credence not always found in this genre. Notable anecdotes range from being fired from his first job, to leading the entrepreneurial McCaw Cellular Communications and succeeding against the well-established regional Bell operating companies. These stories personalize the advice, making the book feel conversational.

For those beginning a career search, the author provides ideas on self-assessment, networking tactics, and proper interview etiquette. Additionally, while many job how-to books abandon us after guidance through receiving an offer, Eastman continues with a chapter on how to get promoted. He provides ideas on ways to get noticed in a job, such as recommending solutions instead of pointing out problems and building trust through keeping confidences. Eastman also discusses ideas many career experts fear to tackle, such as when and why to leave a job.

For current and future managers, Eastman describes ways to construct motivated teams. He tells about the importance of letting employees go who aren’t the right fit. He also is quick to criticize micromanagers and deplores the stifling environment bureaucracy can breed, stating both should be avoided at all costs.

Eastman tackles the challenges presented when transitioning to a chief-level role and the necessity of shifting one’s mentality to adapt to new responsibilities. He outlines the job of the CEO, with consideration for goals, values, and strategy, and he discusses common mistakes, such as accepting too many invitations to join other company or nonprofit boards, stating “Maybe consider one … but be very jealous of any time it takes from your primary responsibility.” From his experience as a CEO of publicly traded companies and founder of multiple small businesses, Eastman speaks with an earned authority that will resonate with individuals leading any organization, no matter the size.

In the section “Live!” Eastman discusses not only when to consider retirement (as well as strategies for doing so properly), but also the value of finding time to enjoy life throughout a career. He asks the reader: What is success? To Eastman it is balance of career, family, friends, and outside personal interests. Whether you are a job seeker or seasoned CEO, Get Hired! has valuable ideas to improve both your professional development and satisfaction in life.
—Ben Bradley, Product Consultant, Tableau Software